About SaSaYa

SaSaYa is an Izakaya located in West Los Angeles.

Our mission at SaSaYa is to cook our food with passion
and to serve our drinks with respect for the brewers' work.

Our aim is to create a "SaSaYa",a fun and enjoyable,
homey place where you can just swing by and relax after work.

We will keep our doors wide open and welcome you with our heart-warming hospitality.

-The SaSaYa Staff

What is "Izakaya"?

SASAYA is an Izakaya.

An Izakaya is a centuries old traditional Japanese eatery.
It's not a restaurant... It's not a bar... It's both!

That's why most of our menu is "Tapas" style,
so you can enjoy many different kinds of food!

All of our staff will gladly service you, so please don't hessitate to say
"Suimasen" (Excuse me) anytime during your meal.

Relax and enjoy your "Izakaya" experience!

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